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This category contains 67 sites:

  • A Tangled Web - Site is dedicated to the maintenance of the Union between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.
  • Are Votes Fair? - A worked example showing how 'First Past the Post' can produce very unfair results.
  • BBC News : UK Politics - Political news, background and analysis from the BBC, including photographs and soundbites.
  • Blakes Parliamentary Yearbook - A guide to UK government and parliamentary matters, including details of ministers, biographies of MPs, and a guide to Westminster.
  • British Government and Politics on the Internet - Keele University's directory of government and political resources on the internet.
  • BritPolitics.Com - Online guide to British politics and current issues, including encyclopedia on topics such as the constitution, government structure, the civil service, the armed forces, Europe and political history, plus mailing list and political party links.
  • Call for Democracy - Make Votes Count - Campaigning for a referendum on reforming the voting system; asking voters to sign up online to demonstrate support.
  • Campaign for Freedom of Information - The campaign to get a Freedom of Information Act in the UK, and against the shortcomings of the FOI bill currently under debate.
  • Campaign for Yorkshire - Campaigning for the people of Yorkshire and the Humber to have an elected regional assembly and run their own affairs.
  • Carnegie Young People Initiative - Aiming to improve young people's involvement in local and national projects about young people's rights to participate as citizens.
  • Centre for Policy Studies - An independent centre-right think tank which develops and publishes public policy proposals and arranges seminars and lectures on topical policy issues.
  • Charter88 - An independent all-party campaign for constitutional reform in the UK. The site includes discussion papers, election results, notices of events and a way to sign the Charter online.
  • Cross of St. George - Celebrating Englishness, with notes from English history, plus message board and chatroom for debates.
  • Demos - Independent think tank and research institute, believed to influence the policies of Tony Blair's government.
  • DevWeb - Internet guide to UK Devolution, covering the constitution and the political structure of the United Kingdom and its dependencies.
  • FaxYourMP.com - Allows UK constituents to find out information about their MP, and to send them a fax.
  • Guardian - Devolution in Britain - Ongoing special report section from Guardian Unlimited.
  • Guardian Unlimited: Politics - All about UK politics. Sections: Election, Ask Aristotle, Red Box, Westminster and Whitehall, devolved politics, economy, inside Britain, welfare state, education, transport and environment, Europe and the world.
  • House of Commons - Constituency Locata - Find your constituency and your MP.
  • ICM Research Polls - Current and past opinion poll results, including all recent polls commissioned by The Guardian, The Scotsman and Evening Standard.
  • ITC (International Teledemocracy Centre) - Technology to enhance and support the democratic process, including an online petition system.
  • Left Directory - Comprehensive directory of mainly UK activist and left-wing political groups and resources.
  • Live Real - Progressive politics, current events, and social issues.
  • Make Votes Count - The campaign to win the referendum on changing the way we elect our Members of Parliament, with information, campaign news and resources for activists.
  • MakeTheCrossCount.com Election Resource Web Site - MakeTheCrossCount.com provides a Bible Study, Election Forum Guide, Prayer Guide, and Frequently Asked Questions page designed to connect Christians to the General Election
  • Nexus - A "virtual thinktank" with "Third Way" thinking, papers, discussion forum and mailing lists.
  • North East Assembly : The Major Players - Annual political scoreboard for all wannabe movers and shakers including those who are either for or against an elected North East Regional Assembly.
  • People and Politics - A comprehensive index of people in UK politics.
  • Policy Brief - Public policy briefing service.
  • Political Anagrams - 'Tony Blair' = 'Tory in Lab' and other anagrams of your favourite (or not) politicians and their parties.
  • Political Debate - A site promoting political debate, with message board, chat, campaign area, news, games, political history and links to political and government sites.
  • Political Links - Web directory of UK and European news, political and government sites.
  • PoliticalLinks - Political Monitoring Service by Vacher Dod Publishing Ltd, with analysis, news, election results, government departments, what's on in parliament, and constituency and MP details. Also MP profiles, subject to registration.
  • PoliticalNews.co.uk - Links to various services for UK political news headlines, including searches on Moreover.com and Newsnow.co.uk real time news services.
  • Politico's Political Bookshop - Booksellers and publishers of political books, with a shop in Westminster, or you can purchase online. They also have a major stand at all the Party Conferences.
  • Politics at the University of York - Courses, case studies, research links and bibliography.
  • Republic - Independent pressure group campaigning to end all forms of hereditary office.
  • Say goodbye to England - Argues that "Anglophiles had best pop over to the Misty Isles for a last experience of Great Britain before the country is reduced to an oppressed province of the European Union."
  • SchNEWS - Weekly newsletter from Justice? - Brighton's Direct Action collective. International alternative news with a British focus. Includes party and protest guide, prisoner information and database of over 500 organisations.
  • SOSIG: Politics - The Politics section of the Social Science Information Gateway; a large directory of internet and other political resources.
  • Soundings Debates - Online version of Soundings, a journal set up in 1995, with the aim of contributing to the process of left renewal.
  • spiked-politics - Online political newsletter with thought-provoking and often radical articles on current political issues. [Cannot view some pages with Netscape 4]
  • STAND - Lobby your MP and Jack Straw against the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill (RIP).
  • Tagish Directory of UK National and Local Government Web Sites - A comprehensive directory of UK Government information on the web.
  • The 3rdegree. - An Anti-politicians site, highlighting sleaze. Campaign to vote for "None of the above".
  • The Adam Smith Institute - Centre-right policy institute dedicated to free market policies. Influenced the economic policies of the former Thatcher government.
  • The British Isles - The political structure and brief history of the British Isles.
  • The British Politics Page - Julian White's resource for everything political including national and local election results. Plus links to 2,500 other sites.
  • The Campaign for an English Parliament - Now that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have devolved government, England needs its own Parliament.
  • The Centre for Citizenship - Working to spread the values of republican democracy in Britain.
  • The English National Democratic Group - Discussion group for English nationalists who want to dissolve the United Kingdom and revert to country soverignty.
  • The European Movement - All-party movement campaigning for the European Union to become more democratic and effective, and for Britain to play a full role within it.
  • The Federal Trust - British think tank on all aspects of Federalism and Britain's relationship to the emerging European Union; founded in 1945.
  • The Institute for Fiscal Studies - Research institute which exists to provide economic analysis independent of government, political party or any other vested interest. Exerts substantial influence through publications, the media, close contacts with civil servants and regular meetings wi
  • The London Elections: Mayor for London - How London will elect its new Mayor and the Greater London Assembly, courtesy of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.
  • The Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System - The Jenkins Commission on alternatives to the 'First Past the Post' system of election to the Westminster Parliament.
  • The UK's political portal - News, analysis and information on government institutions, legislation, and politicians; includes candidates for the 2001 General Election by constituency, analysis of recent polls, and Manifesto Watch.
  • Threelinewhip - Discussions, polls and news on UK politics, and holding candidates accountable.
  • UK Local Government Information - With clickable maps to find every principle local authority in the UK, plus information on council composition and by-elections.
  • UK Political News from Moreover.com - The latest UK political news collected from over 1600 sources. Also available to webmasters for their own sites.
  • UK Politics Brief - A set of notes for A-level Politics students on British Government and economics topics. Warning: cannot be viewed in Netscape 4.
  • UK Politics Directory - A directory of UK political web sites covering parties, elections, media, people, pressure groups, issues, lobbyists and political consultants.
  • United Kingdom Political Messageboard - Make your comment on British politics.
  • VOTE.co.uk - Vote on current political issues, discuss the results, and send mail to the parties and politicians.
  • Walter Bagehot - A resource for people interested in Walter Bagehot, 19th century English social scientist and political writer, including the 'English Constitution' in 1864.
  • WestminsterWatch - News, reviews and information on UK politics from Westminster, plus links to other government, political, policy and campaigning resources.
  • YouGov - 24 hour news, comment and information on UK government and politics from a team including John Humphrys, Fay Weldon, Des Wilson, Peter Kelner, Boris Johnson and Iain Dale, pioneering e-democracy with online opinion polling on a wide range of current issue


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