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> UK > Society and Culture > Transgendered

This category contains 11 sites:

  • Beaumont Society Chat - UK transgendered support group.
  • GENDYS Network - A network for those troubled by their gender identity, and a forum for professional and lay people.
  • Gina: The Woman Within - The story of one persons transgender journey of discovery.
  • Pamela's Palace - Support and information pages for the UK transsexual. Links to support groups, and mailing lists. Lay-person's guide to transsexualism. Information for transgendered children and adolescents through Mermaids.
  • The Beaumont Trust - Charitable educational resource on the subjects of transsexualism and transvestism. Details of the regular helpline, of the trust's aims, and of publications available.
  • The TSFolk-UK Mailing List - An internet mailing list for discussion of anything relevant to being transgendered in the UK or Ireland.
  • Tina's Transgendered (not transsexual) World - Forum plus hair, beauty and make-up tips, news about transsexuals, personal photos and help and support pages.
  • Transsexual.org.uk - Transsexual resources in the UK. Includes news, features, editorials, and related links.
  • TV / TS UK Community News - Site containing news, event, support and services information for the transvestite (TV), transsexual (TS) and transgendered (TG) community in the UK. Services include TG friendly businesses, escorts, masseurs, models, dressing and make up services. Chat a
  • UK Turner Society. - Contains support, information on hormone replacement therapy, health issues for women with TS and personal stories.
  • UKTrans - Discussion forum and meeting place for all those interested in transgender issues in the UK.


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> UK > Society and Culture > Transgendered : Category ID: 12500
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> UK > Society and Culture > Transgendered

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