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This category contains 31 sites:

  • Agunot Campaign - Site offering help for Jewish women who seek to obtain a religious divorce.
  • All About Eve at beeb.com - Hot issues, chatroom debates, shopping, travel, news and reviews.
  • Aviva - An international women's listing magazine which enables women all over the world to make contact with each other.
  • AWiSE - Association for Women In Science and Engineering - Aims to advance the participation of girls and women in the sciences, in engineering and in the technologies, in all areas and at all levels. Includes jobs and career resources.
  • BBC Education: Having it All - Balancing a career and home life, features interviews with women who talk about their experiences and gives tips and hints on balancing work and family.
  • Beauty and the Dirt - Slightly satirical ezine covering beauty, travel, gossip, fashion and shopping.
  • Charlotte Street - Information source for women on careers, consumer issues, health and beauty, travel and trends.
  • Connect Women - A guide to the best of the Internet in association with Macmillan Cancer Relief.
  • everywoman.co.uk - Designed to provide women with the resources, advice and tools needed to solve the age old problem of how to juggle it all, while maintaining some degree of sanity.
  • Femail - Portal and ezine for women with health and beauty content, news and advice on money, travel and relationships. Free e-mail accounts, find a phone number service, chats, experts and message boards.
  • Full-Time Mothers - FTM is a UK-based organisation for women who want to have a real choice to raise their children themselves.
  • handbag.com - Website, portal and ISP for women - providing information about health and beauty, family matters, cookery, careers and special offers. From Boots plc.
  • iCircle - Women's channel from Freeserve, with a mix of health, fashion, beauty, travel and financial advice, chat channels and discussion boards.
  • iVenus.com - Web network for European women, covering topics from fashion, beauty, through to personal finance and horoscopes.
  • iVillage UK - Portal/community site with a variety of channels of interest to women.
  • Microsyster - Feminist collective providing computer services to women's groups and women working in the voluntary and charity sector in London.
  • National Association of Ladies Circles - Originally set up as a fund-raising club for wives of Round Tablers. Promotes itself as being all about fun, friendship and fund-raising. You don't have to be married to a Round Tabler to join.
  • National Council of Women of Great Britain - A forum where women, as individuals or as members or affiliates of ncwgb, can exchange information and ideas, formulate policy, educate and promote change.
  • National Federation of Women's Institutes - Details of constitution with current campaigns and courses. Member's ezine, corporate and media information and the WI shop.
  • PlanetGrrl - For and by women and grrls in the UK in or interested in new media and technology and other grrl stuff.
  • Sheffield Women's Cultural Club - A women-only club run by the members, provides classes, events, information and support groups.
  • Super Deluxe - Fine establishments and services in London as recommended by Sarah McAlpine. A collection of shops, restaurants, services, tips and treats.
  • The Bridge Project - A registered charity which provides education, support and guidance for over 3500 women in the northeast of England.
  • The Fawcett Library - Documents the changing role of women in society, in the past, now and in the future.
  • The Feminist Archive - Collects and preserves feminist material from the 1960's to the present day. Whilst the archive is not available online, you can read the newsletter, browse the links or donate material. The archive is based in Bristol.
  • The Womens Sports Foundation - A unique organisation committed to improving and promoting opportunities for women and girls in sport at every level.
  • What UK Women Want - Information, goods and services for Women in the United Kingdom including pubs, restaurants, holidays, relationships, support groups, and employment.
  • Women Connect - A network of women's organisations based throughout England. Organisations include women's refuges, women's centres, an older women's project, health information advice centres and a national network.
  • Women in London - Directory of London based women's groups and other groups working for women in London. Also includes a list of forthcoming events, jobs and volunteering, publications, press releases and campaigns.
  • Womens Bits - Offereing information on womens news, fashion, food, health, travel, jobs, technology, finances, magazines and links to womens resources.
  • Womens National Commission - Official, independent, advisory body giving the views of women to the Government.


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