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This category contains 18 sites:

  • Countryside Council for Wales - Describes the work of the Government's statutory adviser on sustaining natural beauty and wildlife in Wales. Site includes information on the practical work of the organisation.
  • Euro Taskforce for Wales - Information on the Euro for businesses in Wales. Site includes an "experiences" section where various case histories are reviewed.
  • GJW Cymru/Wales - Information on the National Assembly for Wales: powers, membership, business.
  • Health Promotion Wales - A national health information service run by Health Promotion Wales on behalf of the Welsh Office.
  • Independent Wales - Headquarters of the nationalist, republican campaign committed to winning total self-government for Wales. Publishes online newsletter FreeWalesPress.
  • Janet Ryder A.C/A.M - Plaid Cymru member of the National Assembly for Wales for north Wales. Includes biography, press releases, and surgery information.
  • Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales - Responsible for reviewing local government areas and electoral arrangements in Wales. Includes information about the Commission, news, puiblications, boundary reviews, electoral reviews, and community reviews. (English/Cymraeg)
  • Local Government Ombudsman in Wales - An overview of the activities of the ombudsman, contact details, a printable complaint form, past annual reports in PDF format, and summaries of investigation reports. [English/Welsh]
  • National Assembly for Wales - Official information on the Welsh Assembly, its members and functions.
  • Waiting Times Information Service - Information on waiting times in the NHS Wales for patients and GPs. Data covers outpatient, inpatient and daycases for a wide range of specialties and procedures.
  • Wales Legislation - Legislation and Statutory Instruments enacted by the Welsh Assembly.
  • Wales Wide Web Unitary Authorities - Basic information about all of Wales' unitary authorities and links to the official websites.
  • Welcome to the Wales EIC site - Provides information for small to medium size businesses in Wales, including information on grants and public procurement.
  • Welsh Consumer Council - Includes news, current work, publications, staff, the Consumer Network, consumer and council information.
  • Welsh Development Agency (WDA) - Includes information for companies considering investing in Wales as well information about the country, its industries and the companies that are already established.
  • Welsh European Funding Office - An executive agency of the National Assembly for Wales to manage all aspects of European Structural Fund Programmes in Wales, the Rural Development Plan and the Local Regeneration Fund.
  • Welsh Language Board - Describes the work of the board in promoting the Welsh language.
  • West Wales European Centre - Part of a European network of 'carrefour' centres created to provide an accessible source of information about Europe.


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