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This category contains 21 sites:

  • Bag-It - The website of Bag-It, a 2000/2001 branch of Young Enterprise based at the King's School Worcester. Produces tea towels and bag handles.
  • Carpe Diem - Young Enterprise company from South Derbyshire specialising in organising and promoting parties and entertainment events including the Phat Pants series. No longer trading
  • Cascade A Young Enterprise Company - Young Enterprise Company based in Guernsey. Produced Night Lights,Junk Jars,Petal Pots,Painted Pots ,Festive Flakes, Shrinkies and Valentine's Day products.
  • Cookinc - Young Enterprise company from Marlborough School, Woodstock. Produces a celebrity cookbook and t-shirts.
  • DUFF! - Young Enterprise company from King Edward VII's School, Fylde, Lancashire that produced a rock C.D.
  • Education Business Partnership - Bringing business and education together to work for the employees of tomorrow. Innovative voluntary, training, and mentoring programmes for classroom staff, children, students and business participants throughout the Bury Bolton area.
  • Enchant√©! - A Young Enterprise company based in Croydon producing and selling decorative picture frames and miniature greeting cards.
  • ICON - A Young Enterprise company, based at Kingston Grammar School in Surrey. Produces hooded tops with personalised logos in a variety of colours.
  • Information for Young Enterprise Company Secretaries - From the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA).
  • Matrix - Young enterprise company that has arranged discos, five-a-side football tournaments and a "mufty day".
  • Mesmerize - Young Enterprise company from Oxford, that sold photo frames, cards, gift bags and Valentines products, as well as hosting a quiz night.
  • National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship - NFTE is an academic and life skills curriculum that teaches young people business start up skills by developing a range of key entrepreneurial competencies. The programme is supported by student and teacher materials including an Internet based self-tea
  • Oshikai.co.uk - A branch of young enterprise selling customised t-shirts and offering competitive priced advertising
  • POW! - Young enterprise company based around Chipping Sodbury which make plaques and sell them to the public
  • Shabang - Young Enterprise producer of stylish vinyl clocks from England. Liquidated in 1998.
  • Space Monkeys - This site set up by a young enterprise group offers a range of custom made vinyl clocks. Contains video and written displays of the group's progress.
  • Sussuro - Company from Newbury, Berkshire. Offers t-shirts and stationary.
  • Symbolized - A branch of the Young Enterprise in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Produced shot glasses, candles and other gifts in oriental styles. Liquidated in May 2001.
  • Team Espionage - Produced a "Girlie Survival Kit", including Lip Gloss, Makeup and Smints.
  • Young Enterprise - National education charity founded in 1963 to forge links between schools and industry. Its mission is to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise
  • Young Enterprise Company Programme International Links - "National education charity founded to forge links between schools and industry". Affiliated with Young Enterprise.



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> UK > Education > Secondary > Young Enterprise

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