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> UK > Society and Culture > Politics > Humour, Satire and Parody

This category contains 16 sites:

  • Am I Electable or Not? - So are you good enough to get elected? Vote in the alternative election, or stand as a candidate by posting your picture on the site. Includes 'Top Ten' and 'Lost Deposits'.
  • AndiTheGoose - In which we learn the right way to make tea, how the British got to the moon first, and the wit and wisdom of Churchill, Prince Phillip and Del Boy.
  • Be Aware - The new and developing 'party to end all parties' with some completely new policies.
  • Conservative Manifesto - A spoof manifesto that lampoons the Conservative Party's policies. [Does not work properly with Netscape 4]
  • Crouching Tony, Hidden Hague - Tomb Raider-style Flash game where you have a kung-fu fight between Hague and Blair.
  • DeadBrain - Award-winning daily news satire and humour.
  • Euro Trashed - An illustrated, satirical critique of the economic and philosophical foundations of the European Union.
  • Laugh At Politicians - Biting satire of Tony Blair and other targets.
  • My Little Tony - Pony with Tony Blair's head gives answers (often dumb ones) to your political questions. [Requires Flash 5]
  • Parliament Invaders 2001 - An online game to get you into election mood; defend Parliament from the other party leaders, but watch out for the mad cow. [Requires Flash 5]
  • Spinon - Satirical newsletter with animated cartoons and political games, including Egg Prescott, Political Football, Truth Test and the Ethical Foreign Policy Simulator. [Some games need Flash or Shockwave]
  • Splat the MP - Now you can egg your (least) favourite Party Leader, or even risk throwing one at Prescott. [Requires Flash]
  • The National Association of Ted Heath Burners - A campaign to burn Ted Heath (hopefully only in effigy) on November 5th, because he led the country into the European Economic Community.
  • The New Labour Party of Great Britain - A spoof of New Labour and its policies.
  • The Nigel Havers Alliance - A mock political party. [Does not work with Netscape 4]
  • Unreal Tournament Election Special - Play as Charles, Tony or William, or try the Prescott skins. [Requires Unreal Tournament]


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> UK > Society and Culture > Politics > Humour, Satire and Parody : Category ID: 12331
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> UK > Society and Culture > Politics > Humour, Satire and Parody

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