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> UK > Society and Culture > Politics > Secession

This category contains 16 sites:

  • Cross of St. George - Celebrates Englishness and argues for English independence. Includes articles on English history, news, patriotic poems and songs, and discussion forum.
  • English Independence Discussion Group - Forum of general ideas on English independence, its effects and constitution.
  • freescotland.com - The "Scots Independence Tour" covers the current situation, historical perspective, and prospects for the future.
  • Independent Wales - Headquarters of the nationalist, republican campaign committed to winning total self-government for Wales. Publishes online newsletter FreeWalesPress.
  • Mebyon Kernow - the Party for Cornwall - Cornish, Green, Left-of-center and decentralist. Includes manifesto, party organization, news, and history.
  • Mec Vannin - The Manx Nationalist Party - A political party advocating the full republican independence of Mannin (the Isle of Man). Includes policy summary and newsletter.
  • Priority Independence - Contains articles from a variety of sources, which represent a spectrum of ideas on Scottish independence.
  • Scots for Independence - Includes history, articles, and links.
  • Scottish Independence Web Server - News about Scotland's move towards independence, with archives dating back to 1997.
  • Siol nan Gaidheal - Cultural and fraternal organization supporting Scottish independence. Includes the Declaration of Arbroath, constitution and principles, and position statements on issues from agriculture to the women's movement.
  • The Development of Scottish Nationalism - A discussion of factors which have, until the late 20th century, kept the "pseudo-nationalism" of Scotland from developing into the conventional nationalism historically experienced in other European nations.
  • The Scottish Distributist - Advocates independence for Scotland from both Westminster and Brussels. Manifesto and stances on various issues.
  • The Treaty (or Act) of Union 1707 - The document used to subsume the Scottish state into a union between Scotland and England.
  • Ulster Nation - Articles advocating independence from both Great Britain and Eire.
  • Welsh Distributist Movement - Radical Right-wing alternative to Plaid Cymru. Positions on various issues, history of the movement, and denunciation of the Labour Party.
  • Why the English Should Welcome Scottish Independence - An article explaining the justice and advantages of Scottish independence, even for the English.


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> UK > Society and Culture > Politics > Secession : Category ID: 13646
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> UK > Society and Culture > Politics > Secession

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