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This category contains 41 sites:

  • BBC Politics 97 - Political news and results from 1997, including Party Conferences, the General Election, and the Scottish and Welsh referendum campaigns.
  • BBC VOTE 2001 - Comprehensive General Election coverage with features on the main issues, crucial seats and key people, message boards, and audio and video clips.
  • BBC VOTE 2001 RESULTS - Full General Election results for 7 June 2001, by party and by constituency.
  • British Election and Politics Pages - British Politics pages from Ivor Peksa, with election result maps from 1983, plus links to issues, political and media organisations, and government.
  • British General Election 2001 - Keele University's comprehensive election site for 2001, with candidates, results since 1983, result summary since 1945, constituency data, plus links to party, pressure group and other political resources websites.
  • British General Election Prediction - Predicting the result of the General Election on a seat by seat basis, using information provided by local contacts as well as the opinion polls.
  • CompuServe Election 2001 - Latest news plus themed games and interactive features.
  • d'Hondt PR Calculator - Computes the number of seats from the votes polled in the 1999 European Elections, by distributing the votes according to the d'Hondt formula. Should also work in 2004. It can also estimate results based on opinion poll percentages. Free download.
  • Dods: Election 2001 - Candidates and news from Vacher Dod Publishing.
  • Election 2000 Guardian Unlimited - Analysis and results for the District Council, London Mayor and London Assembly elections plus the Romsey Parliamentary By-election - all on 4 May 2000 - in what could be the last major test of party strength before the next general election.
  • election 2001 - Party and constituency links for the 2001 General Election, plus online poll.
  • Election 2001 - the online guide to the general election - Comprehensive general election guide, with data on every constituency and candidate, archival material, and opportunities for local parties and candidates to get their own web pages.
  • Election 97 Results - Full General Election results and analysis from the BBC.
  • Election Information - Government site about the 2001 General Election, including how to vote, how to stand as a candidate, and the new regulations for UK elections.
  • Election Maps - Free constituency, county, borough and ward maps for canvassers and other political activists. From the Ordnance Survey.
  • Electoral Commission - Established by the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 to register political parties; the site includes electoral and donation regulations, the party and other registers, and downloadable forms for registering parties and donations.
  • Electoral Reform Services - The trading arm of the Electoral Reform Society, with 100 years of conducting ballots and elections, plus market research and membership services.
  • Fantasy-Election.Com - Election poll, quiz, and the ability to pick a Cabinet from current TV and media celebrities. [Most of site unavailable in Netscape 4; uses Java]
  • Gay Vote - News plus searchable information for voters about the main parties' policies on Lesbian and Gay issues and their candidates' voting records, plus polls, petitions, forum, chat and personalised home page.
  • General Election 1997 - Relive the last General Election. The MORI polls data is still there, but the constituency links are now dead and there are no results.
  • General Election Site - Compares and contrasts the main parties. Also includes pc game, voting pages, news and schools programme information.
  • Guardian Election 2001 - Full coverage: news, comment and analysis, audio and video, campaigns, manifestos, candidates, polls, debates and archives. Interactive Ask Aristotle feature.
  • Guardian Local Government Elections 2001 - County Council election news, comment and results.
  • Hill & Knowlton Netcoms UK Election 2001 Predictor - Online application allows you to see the effect on the House of Commons of voting swings and opinion polls, and lists the likely winners and losers.
  • ITN Election - Full coverage of the 2001 General Election including news from the campaign and a comprehensive results service.
  • Local Authority Byelection Results - Full results from 1996 to now, plus a link for 1995 results.
  • Make Votes Count - Campaign to win the referendum on changing the way we elect our Members of Parliament. Details of The Independent Commission on the Voting System, explanation of the proposed system plus how you can get involved.
  • Positive Abstention - Campaigning to include an 'abstain' choice on UK ballot papers for voters with no positive candidate preference.
  • Postal Votes - Details of how to register for a postal vote in advance of any election, with downloadable forms and other information. In conjunction with the Home Office.
  • Procedures at a General Election - Comprehensive Home Office briefing on what happens during a general election in the UK.
  • Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources - An extensive collection of over 3,200 links to the major political and governmental sites around the world, plus archive of UK elections since 1945, plus a new Election 2001 section. The site is updated almost daily.
  • Rolling Registration - Details of the new system whereby the Electoral Register is updated every month. Leaflet and downloadable form.
  • Tactical Voter - Practical support for tactical voting: who should you vote for in your constituency to keep out the Conservatives?
  • Tactical Voting - Tactical voting advice for each constituency, plus a predictor for election gains into which you can enter your assumptions about the overall swing, and see which seats change hands. [Does not work with Netscape 4]
  • The Candidlist - A List showing probable opinions among parliamentary candidates regarding British adoption of the Euro.
  • The Daily Telegraph Election 2001 - Extensive information on the 2001 General Election, including socioeconomic constituency profiles, analysis, past results, maps and an interactive swingometer.
  • The Electoral Reform Society - Campaigns for proportional representation in the UK parliaments and assemblies.
  • The South Molton Declaration - Commits parliamentary candidates of the major parties to laying a Bill before Parliament which confirms our rights as a democratic nation - rights which leading politicians claim we still possess.
  • UK General Election 2001: Analysis - A Poll of Polls and various indices of party support, plus links to other pollsters and analysts.
  • United Kingdom Election Results - Historical information on UK elective politics.
  • WestminsterElection.com - Comprehensive coverage of the General Election from a christian perspective.



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