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> UK > Society and Culture > Politics > Elections > 2001

This category contains 11 sites:

  • BBC Vote 2001 - Comprehensive General Election coverage with features on the main issues, crucial seats and key people, message boards, and audio and video clips.
  • BBC Vote 2001 Results - Full General Election results for 7 June 2001, by party and by constituency.
  • British General Election 2001 - Keele University's election site for 2001, including results and links to parties, pressure groups and other political resources.
  • Christians and the 2001 Election in the UK - Survey of churchgoers immediately after the election.
  • CompuServe Election 2001 - Latest news, themed games and interactive features.
  • Dods: Election 2001 - Candidates and news from Vacher Dod Publishing.
  • Election 2001 - Comprehensive general election guide, with data on every constituency and candidate, archival material, and opportunities for local parties and candidates to get their own web pages.
  • Guardian Election 2001 - Full coverage: news, comment and analysis, audio and video, campaigns, manifestos, candidates, polls, debates and archives. Interactive Ask Aristotle feature.
  • Guardian Local Government Elections 2001 - County council election news, comment and results.
  • Hill & Knowlton Netcoms UK Election 2001 Predictor - Online application allows you to see the effect on the House of Commons of voting swings and opinion polls, and lists the likely winners and losers.
  • The Daily Telegraph Election 2001 - Information on the 2001 General Election, including socioeconomic constituency profiles, analysis, past results, maps and an interactive swingometer.


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> UK > Society and Culture > Politics > Elections > 2001 : Category ID: 12330
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> UK > Society and Culture > Politics > Elections > 2001

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